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The 13 Treasures is an amazing triolgy written by the amazing Michelle Harrison.

The first book in the triolgy, The 13 Treasures, won the Waterstone's book prize in 2009. The last book in the triolgy, The 13 Secrets, was published in the UK in 2011.

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The 13 Treasures is about a girl called Tanya who can see faeries, only these faeries aren't the kind that grant you wishes.

Tanya has always been special, she can see faries. Most little girls would think that the ability to be able to see miniture flying mytholigical was a dream come true, but for Tanya it's a nightmare because these faries aren't the ones that have pretty little wings and go around granting wishes, these faries are trickety and bothersome, not all of them have wings too, some love to spend their day down a slimy drain other would prefer to make a home in a pot.

But there is one thing for certain these faries are nothing like the ones that little girls want to be able to see.

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Michelle Harrison is the author of the 13 Treasures Trilogy.

She was born in 1979 and grew up in Grays, Essex. She began writing stories when she was about fourteen, and by the time she left school her ambition was to become an author and illustrator.

After studying illustration at Staffordshire University, she worked as a barmaid, in an art gallery, as a children's bookseller and as an assistant editor for a children's book publisher.

Her first book, The 13 Treasures, won the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize and has been sold for translation in 16 countries. It has been followed by The 13 Curses and the last part, The 13 Secrets. She has also write Unrest, a young adult fiction book.

Michelle now writes full time and lives in Oxfordshire with her partner and two cats.


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